Moffitt Natural Heat and Smoke Devices

Firex Heat and Smoke VentRegardless of how careful workers are sometimes fires happen. Hot work, flammable liquids, combustible dust, industrial equipment, and electrical hazards make fires in industrial facilities inevitable. To avoid keep workers safe, and avoid costly damages, it is important to take measures to evacuate heat and smoke when this happens. A life safety device, like the Moffitt Firex or the other units in the Moffitt Natural Smoke & Heat ventilation line are ideal for this.

Moffitt Natural Smoke & Heat ventilation products are designed to evacuate smoke and restrict fire from spreading. The unit functions by exhausting the heat and smoke that result from the fire. This protects the workers, the inventory, and the building.

Improve Safety

Putting out fires in large industrial buildings can be very difficult for firefighters. For this reason, it is important to use heat-responsive ventilation equipment. A natural smoke & heat vent like the Moffitt Firex will ventilate the smoke and slow the spread of the fire. This gives personnel more time to escape and makes it easier, and safer, for firefighters to enter.

Provides Vital Access for Firefighters

In addition to making it easier for firefighters to enter, a smoke vent also makes it easier for them to engage with the fire. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has proven that adding proper ventilation will make it possible for firefighters to access the source of the fire.

A smoke vent, or intake air vent, improves visibility and clears the air. This allows for quicker, more direct action against the fire. Also, taking out the fire quicker will help prevent issues like explosions, smoke logging, water temperature, lateral fire spread, and steel softening.

Translucent Panels as Efficient Day-Lighting Solution

Heat and Smoke control natural ventilation devices don’t just improve visibility by clearing smoke, they improve it by providing natural daylighting as well. Translucent panels on the roof or wall let in plenty of natural daylighting. Again, this can improve much needed visibility during a fire.

Of course natural daylighting is also great when there isn’t a fire as it provides a cost free light source for any interior space. Natural light has also proven to make people feel better and improve worker morale.

At Moffitt Corporation, protecting your facility, its contents, and the personnel is essential to us. In the event of a fire emergency, the Moffitt Natural Heat & Smoke ventilation devices will evacuate smoke and restrict fire from spreading. It will also provide vital access for firefighters into the facility and prevent further complications or costly damages. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.