Modelo CFD

27Jul 2017

Ventilation CFD for Industrial Facilities At Moffitt, we use industrial CFD modeling help our customers see how a new ventilation system will impact their building. Having a vivid, 3D model helps the customer better visualize what we’re proposing with a new system. Furthermore, by accounting for each door, window, vent, and fan, we can create

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09Aug 2016

Adiabatic Evaporative Cooling Keeping workers cool and comfortable is a concern for every commercial or industrial factory. This is especially relevant during the relentlessly hot summer months. However, natural ventilation is not always ideal and air-conditioning units are too expensive. Moffitt Corporation recognizes the need for a reliable cooling system that is energy and cost

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11May 2016

What Does Natural Ventilation Mean To You? Natural ventilation definition: the process of pulling fresh air into a building from the outside. In turn, this fresh air helps force the warm, dirty air inside of the building out through the opening in the roof. This becomes done, without mechanical assistance. While that is the definition,

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