Entrada Natural

23Dec 2019
industrial wall fan with rain hoods exterior

The PressureStream is a power ventilation system used for warm air roof exhaust or cool air supply into a building. This modular, customizable fan is ideal for sidewall mounting for supply air. In this configuration, the PressureStream is the key component for any Pressure Gravity System®.  Here are some of the features, uses, and benefits

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16Aug 2018
Hybrid Ventilation

Natural Ventilation is the best way to lower temperatures 10°, 20°, or even 30° below existing conditions. The downside is, it can only decrease temperatures to outdoor ambient conditions, not below. Powered ventilation, like air conditioning, can help lower temperatures below ambient, but it would be incredibly expensive to utilize in a large factory; even

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09Aug 2016

Adiabatic Evaporative Cooling Keeping workers cool and comfortable is a concern for every commercial or industrial factory. This is especially relevant during the relentlessly hot summer months. However, natural ventilation is not always ideal and air-conditioning units are too expensive. Moffitt Corporation recognizes the need for a reliable cooling system that is energy and cost

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