Exal Corporation Natural Cooling Testimonial

Natural Cooling for Industrial Manufacturing

See why Exal chose Moffitt Natural Cooling to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the facility.

In this testimonial, Matt Futkos discusses the benefits of a Moffitt Natural Cooling system. He explains how the new system has lowered and equalized  temperatures. Finally, he discusses how this has improved worker morale and productivity.

Above all, special thanks to Matt and Exal for providing this testimonial. Learn more about Exal at www.exal.com.

Case Study

Moffitt developed a complete temperature control system for Exal Corporation. This includes cooling the hot days and warming the cold days. In addition, it also maintains constant positive pressure in the building. This is required to keep dirt and debris from entering the plant and maintaining strict environmental standards for a food packaging manufacturer.

Natural Cooling CoolStream ductworkThe design called for forty CoolStream units and three direct fired heaters. The natural cooling units lower building temperatures below ambient conditions and promotes constant positive pressure. During the winter the three Make-up Air Units keep the air in the building from getting too cold.

In conclusion the new system the building maintains a steady temperature throughout the year. On hot days this can be a difference of 5˚ to 25˚ more below outside ambient temperatures. This makes a huge difference on days when outside temperatures are over 100˚. Similarly, cold days never reach dangerous, freezing temperatures.

Natural Cooling for Commercial & Industrial Spaces

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