A CFD Ventilation Model Shows the System Before it’s Installed

Spec sheets, drawings, and equations are important when choosing a ventilation system. However none of those illustrate the power of a ventilation system like a CFD model. Seeing how the air will move through a new building in vivid, living color makes the ventilation decision process easier.

A CFD Ventilation Model on a Computer ScreenThe CFD models we make today and leaps and bounds more advanced than when we first started 10 years ago. They are significantly more detailed and created much more quickly.

A modern CFD ventilation model shows the impact a new ventilation system can have on a space’s temperatures. Whether its how much the surrounding temperature changes feet from the machinery or from one step to the next on a stair-case. It also shows air particle movement, surface temperatures, and more. This information tells the Moffitt team exactly which type of intake or exhaust equipment is needed, as well as the size of equipment and where it should be located. Better yet, the process is easy to modify.

The Moffitt ventilation design team makes it possible with their ventilation knowledge and technical experience. Using the latest CFD modeling technology Moffitt can make complex, intricate models better and faster than ever before. A complex CFD ventilation model used to take a couple of months to put together. Now a model can be ready in less than week.

Moffitt is at the forefront of CFD Modeling for building ventilation. Watch our our new video below get an idea of how a CFD ventilation model can work for you.