All About The Apollo

Apollo natural ventilator, openWhether it’s for a commercial building or industrial facility, natural ventilation is an essential consideration for all modern buildings. If you are looking for a highly efficient and cost effective natural ventilator for your building, the Apollo might be the solution for you.

The Apollo is a dual-use daylighting natural ventilator. It is ideal for everything from light commercial and to heavy industrial applications. It is ideal for low to mid-range temperature facilities. It has been installed at manufacturing plants, agricultural facilities, as well as storage facilities and universities to name a few applications.

How it Works

The Apollo ventilator provides natural ventilation when the flaps are open, and full weather protection when they’re closed. The flaps, sometimes called doors, hatches, or panels, come with translucent panels. The translucent panels allow light to enter even when the hatches are closed. This lets sunlight flow naturally through the roof opening rain or shine. Plus, since introducing sunlight into a closed system has been proven to improve worker morale, this unit provides even greater benefits than just natural ventilation.

The Design

The Apollo is not like your typical large industrial exhaust vent. It is an aesthetically pleasing, low profile device that blends in seamlessly on the roof. When closed, it looks no bigger than a skylight. When opened, its thin design makes it blend in with its surroundings. Plus, its low-profile structure imparts minimal weight impact or wind-load to your building. This means limited structural work will be necessary for installation. It also makes it easy to hoist onto the roof for installation too.

Each unit is fabricated from aluminum with poly-carbonate top flaps and ships fully assembled. The opening is equipped with a tested life safety guard. Additionally, each device has a variety of optional features to fit your design needs.

Cost and Energy Benefits of Apollo

Aside from the small motors used to open and close the doors, the Apollo uses no electricity. Its not like a fan or air conditioning unit that’s constantly running. As it works by promoting the natural flow of air, it uses virtually zero electricity and incurs almost no operating costs. It operates almost silently as well. Finally, as it has virtually no moving parts it requires little regular maintenance. No belts to replace or components to oil. This means a long life span with virtually zero operating cost.

Moffitt Corporation

For more information about the Apollo, contact us today at Moffitt Corporation. The Apollo is one of our favorite products so our ventilation design experts will be happy to speak with you about how it, or another product can be used in your facility.