Why Your Factory Needs Natural Ventilation

In most modern industrial facilities, keeping the space cool for employees often means installing powered exhaust fans. It seems practical enough, buy some fans to cool your building. However, further research will show that it is one of the more impractical methods for keeping an industrial building cool. Read on to see why your factory needs natural ventilation.

Think about this: It takes a substantial amount of electricity to power enough exhaust fans to keep a factory, or other industrial building, cooled down. Not only is there a cost involved to run it, there is also a cost involved to maintain it as well. Throw in the cost of parts and emergency service or work stoppage if the system breaks down in the heat of the summer and it suddenly doesn’t look all that practical anymore. On the other hand, you may be thinking that there isn’t a substitute for exhaust fans. You say to yourself that they are the only way to go. However, there is a viable alternative. It’s called natural ventilation.

The “Green”, Energy-Free Alternative

Unlike an industrial roof exhaust fan natural ventilation uses no power to operate. It is low maintenance and it will keep your industrial, commercial or factory building comfortable without electric fans or an air conditioning system. Imagine a ventilation system that keeps your employees comfortable, yet costs almost nothing in doing so. That’s exactly what a ventilation system will do for you.

Hot air rises because heated air is less dense than cooler ambient air. In a confined space, the hot air will always be at the top and the cooler air will always be at the bottom. By putting something as simple as an open at the top where the hot air resides, it will naturally exit out into the atmosphere through the opening. If you put an opening in at ground level, the hot air will naturally pull in cooler air from below as it exits.

Getting the air to move requires no power. The natural flow of air will pull in fresh, cooler air from the bottom while exhausting hot stale air at the top. The hotter the air is, the faster it will exit through the top opening. The more cool air there is, the faster it will pull in through the bottom grate. This is the basic principle of a natural flow of air and it is key to understanding how natural ventilation works.

Your factory needs natural ventilation for a Cooler Working Space 

Almost everything in an industrial environment gives off heat. Machinery, electric motors, vehicles, lights and even human bodies give off heat. All of this heat has to go someplace. In a factory, that is usually the ceiling. If space is not well ventilated, that hot air collects at the ceiling until it fills up the whole space. If there is ventilation, however, that hot air can escape. This type of setting is exactly where a natural system excels because it produces a natural air circulation. That is why, if your plant is hot even with exhaust fans, your factory needs natural ventilation.

Advantages of Natural Ventilation

  • Your factory needs natural ventilationIt always keeps the air circulating inside of your facility, which keeps the inside comfortable no matter how hot it is outside.

  • A natural ventilator will never need maintenance and there is no worry about the system breaking down.

  • It always works, rain or shine, day or night, and even if there is a power outage. A natural flow will keep the air circulating at all times.

  • This ventilation is self-adjusting. The hotter the air inside, the more airflow there will be. On cooler days, there will be less airflow and you’ll never have to turn on an exhaust fan to expel stale or stuffy air in any situation.

Designs for Any Building

There are a number of different natural ventilation products and systems available. With the right system design, almost any building can benefit from a natural system. Moffitt Corporation specializes in providing natural solutions for industrial facilities.

 The design engineer must account for doors, windows, loading docks and large equipment when planning a ventilation system for an industrial building. In addition to airflow, they must also consider external factors like wind direction and average monthly temperatures. All of these factors can affect the natural movement of air through your building.

Fortunately, the design team at Moffitt Corporation is known worldwide for their natural air ventilation systems. With more than 50 years of experience and hundreds of successful system installations, you can be sure that Moffitt will design the perfect natural ventilation system to ensure optimal air flow throughout your facility.

With the right natural solution, you will see, in addition to far less maintenance and lower bills, a cooler and more comfortable work space. For the greenest way to ventilate your industrial or commercial building facility, Moffitt Corporation is the answer.

Moffitt Corporation manufactures natural ventilators as well as louvers, and turbine ventilator options. All of our produces incur no operating costs and are noise pollution free. Trust the worldwide leader, Moffitt Corporation to show you why your factory needs natural ventilation.