Smoke Control Vents and their Application in Schools

When it comes to a fire, anywhere between 50-80 percent of deaths caused by smoke inhalation-related injuries. This is due to a combination of thermal damage, poisoning, and pulmonary irritation and swelling.  To counteract the potential of smoke exposure, Moffitt Corporation has a selection of Natural Smoke control vents for your school or university building. Here are three smoke control devices for your building.

Kameleon natural casement ventilator smoke control ventsKameleon

Our first model is the Kameleon. The Kameleon is a thermally broken, natural casement ventilator, available in a wide range of sizes. It it unobtrusively installs into a variety of glazing systems. It is suitable not only for life-saving situations but also for any day-to-day ventilation needs.

Firelight single flap smoke control vents


The Firelight is a roof ventilator, allowing for the more natural release of harmful smoke. Its construction and location allow for a high aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal performance. It will provide your school or university building with an excellent smoke control vents system.

Coltlite louvered windowsColtlite

The Coltlite is a tri-purpose, natural louvered ventilator suitable for natural day-to-day ventilation, natural smoke control ventilation, and natural daylighting. In the event of a building fire, the Coltlite is very suitable for protecting escape routes since it has a high aerodynamic efficiency, opens quickly, has large openings and does not get in the way of people trying to leave the building.

Smoke Control Vents

People choose Moffitt because our ventilation systems work. We’ve provided industrial ventilation systems for over 55 years, and commercial ventilation systems for the last decade. If your school building or university is lacking proper ventilation, then it’s time you invested in an old concept with superior technology. Moffitt is one of the most trusted names in day-to-day ventilation and smoke control vents.  If you would like to learn more about our products and services, contact us today!