The MoffittVent – Best of Class

What is the MoffittVent?

We offer many products in our catalog, but few can count the crowning achievements such as the MoffittVent. The MoffittVent™ natural ventilator is designed to evacuate hot air while preventing water entrance. This is ideal for any warehouse or industrial complex that is looking to lower temperatures and reduce costs.

As long as Moffitt has been a company, the MoffittVent has been our leading product. This highly effective & highly efficient ventilator has helped buildings keep cool for over 55 years.

The Features of the MoffittVent

Air-Flow through Buoyancy

Mexico Glass Plant with Moffitt ventilation.

The MoffittVent operates with no working parts, utilizing natural airflow to push hot air out of a closed system. Since all hot air will naturally push upward, the MoffittVent will cycle that hot air out of the system. Additionally, the ventilator is also designed to prevent rain, snow, and debris from pushing its way into the building.

Length and Size

The MoffittVent uses its size to its advantage. With throat sizes that extend up to 180,” it allows an enormous amount of airflow to funnel out of the building. This provides the proper number of air changes to help cool even the largest of facilities. A ventilator of this size can have a much bigger impact than the standard 9” – 12” ridge ventilator.


MoffittVent natural ventilators on rooftop from below Additionally, the MoffittVent also serves as a daylighting mechanism. Translucent panels allow you to incorporate natural daylight into your warehouse. This can have a huge impact on work floor personnel and even help save money on lighting costs.

This means that the Moffitt vent is ideal for companies that want a cooler working space and want the psychological benefits of daylighting.

Moffitt Corporation

People choose Moffitt because our ventilation systems work. If your building is lacking proper ventilation, then it’s time you invested in an old concept with superior technology. Moffitt is one of the most trusted names in Ventilation and Louvers. If you would like to learn more about our products and services, contact us today!