Moffitt Vision, Mission, Values Statement

Moffitt is proud to present our new Vision, Mission, Values statements. These ideals showcase where our organization is going (vision), how we are going to get there (mission), and what is important to us along the way (values). Together, they act as the road map for Moffitt’s next decade and beyond.

The statements are as follows;

  • Vision: To be the best at helping people achieve sustainable building designs using Natural Ventilation Solutions.
  • Mission: To provide engineers, architects, contractors, and owners with Natural Ventilation Solutions for their industrial, institutional, and commercial projects delivered through a collaborative design, manufacturing, and installation process supported by outstanding customer service.
  • Values: To create a culture dedicated to service, to building strong relationships, and to the development of our team members’ personal and professional growth.

Having a mission, a vision, or values but its a whole different thing to live them. Vission Mission ValuesThat is why we have applied ours to the wall of our Jacksonville Beach office. This way our team can all work with the same purpose together. This display makes it easy for our team to remember why they’re here. Know that is always useful for people as they go about  work each and every day.

We’re sharing this here so that our customers, vendors, partners can better understand our culture here at Moffitt. If you have any questions about Moffitt, or are interested in joining our team, contact us today.