The Moffitt GreenRoo Turbine Vent In Action

GreenRoo Turbine Vent in Action

The GreenRoo turbine vent can make a big difference in a building’s internal temperature. A far cry from the traditional “onion” ventilators that have been used for decades, the GreenRoo is a more durable, more effective, and more efficient, state-of-the-art green ventilation device.

GreenRoo Turbine VentBuilt of lightweight aluminum and weighing less than 70 lbs, The GreenRoo effortlessly spins in the gentlest of breezes. In fact, it is capable of spinning freely in even the gentlest of winds, preventing your building’s ventilation from being dependent upon the weather. In certain cases, the heat coming from the building is enough to make it spin all by itself. This allows for this unique turbine vent to operate without any wind at all.

Turbine Vents for Your Building

The key is in the engineering of the ventilator itself. The vertical blades of the turbine vane produce a driving pressure difference. When air flows along them a force flows along the ends of the blades. This is in accordance with Bernoulli’s Principle, the same concept that describes how air moves along the wings of an airplane and allows it to fly. This driving pressure generates a centrifugal force which propels the fan in a circular motion.

When the vanes move due to this centrifugal force, it helps to draw in more air. The hot air inside of the building exhausts outward through the ventilator. The motion of the hot air traveling through the turbine encourages the turbine thereby creating a self-driven system for removing hot and stale air. Air no longer lingers within the work floor below, but rather it is lifted up and out of the facility through the roof.

In addition to more effectively exhausting hot air, the vertical blades have been designed to prevent water from entering the building as well. Even in the heaviest winds and the harshest rain storms, air won’t enter through the exhaust opening. This allows for installation above areas sensitive to moisture.

Each unit is easy to install on any roof top. Although, if a roof is unsuitable for the installation of a unit, perhaps maintenance or a new roof from a roofing Aurora company could be advised. In most cases, it can simply slot right into the same opening as centrifugal roof exhaust fans. So when those old roof fans break down, replace them with a GreenRoo turbine vent. Plus, there is no motor so maintenance is not an issue.

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In conclusion, the GreenRoo™ can achieve unmatched building ventilation with little to no operating costs. It is the perfect “green” alternative to centrifugal roof exhaust fans. In some instances, we have even seen a comparable performance to powered units. Contact a representative at Moffitt today or visit today to see if the GreenRoo Turbine Vent non-powered ventilator might be a good fit for your facility.