Gravity Ventilation can Change Your Factory Overnight

What is A Gravity Ventilation?

Gravity ventilation (also known as natural ventilation) requires no powered ventilators to achieve air movement. A typical system is comprised of two primary components; the roof ventilator, which is the outlet for the warm air being displaced inside the structure, and the wall mounted louvers, which all for intake air to enter the building. When designed in conjunction, these devices can cool a plant effectively and efficiently, without any powered equipment.

How Does A Gravity Ventilator Work?

Labyrinth MexicoPowered ventilation systems attempt to cool a space by running exhaust fans around the clock. It drives utility costs to unsustainable levels during warm months and does very little good in most large facilities. Gravity ventilator, on the other hand, takes advantage of the natural rise of warm air to get heat out of a facility.

In a gravity based ventilation system cool, clean intake air comes into a building through intake wall louvers. This cool air forces the warm air up and out of the building through the ventilator on the roof. By cycling the air through the building, and increases the rate at which it moves, the air stays fresh and cool instead of becoming stagnant and warm.

Gravity roof ventilators will have an immediate impact on a company’s bottom line. Most companies that make the switch from mechanical to natural ventilation technology save between 10-30% on their energy consumption during the first year alone. In addition, because a gravity ventilator contains no moving parts, companies eliminate expenditures of system maintenance. No belts to repair, no man-hours to spend fixing things, etc. The total savings cover the cost of a gravity ventilation system in just a few short years.

For that reason, Gravity Ventilation becomes Operations Manager’s Best Kept Secret. There are a variety of reasons that people don’t think to use gravity based ventilation; from perceived high expense (not true), to experience with poor equipment (no longer true), to engineers who don’t know how to design for it (unfortunately true). However, that is why Moffitt is here to help.

Moffitt Corporation Gravity Ventilation

Moffitt Corporation’s cutting edge technology has revolutionized the ventilation industry. For over 55 years we have provided natural ventilation solutions to building owners and managers throughout the world. Our team of ventilation experts can find you the right system for your building.

A gravity ventilation system can transform your building overnight. Contact us today for a free ventilation design and see how your building conditions can improve with gravity ventilator system technology.