Dual Use Ventilation & Daylighting

Dual Use Ventilation & Daylighting

Some products just provide ventilation, others just provide day lighting. Moffitt dual use ventilation devices, like the Apollo, provide both. The power of natural ventilation and a sky light together make for a more effective, and more efficient product.

Apollo Natural Ventilation

Aluminum extrusion plant apollo dual use ventilation

The Apollo is for day-to-day natural ventilation. These aluminum units are installed on the roof top and can be opened to provide a large warm-air exhaust openings. By helping your building breathe better your workers will thank you and your will building will last longer.

The vents couldn’t be easier to operate. You simply open and close them with the push of a button. Plus, they can also be equipped with rain sensors so that they close automatically at the first hint of moisture. This way the vents will keep rain out during a storm. The flaps then reopen when the rain stops, and the weather warms up again. Additional benefits of the Apollo include:

• No Energy Usage
• Little to no Maintenance
• No Noise
• No Operating Cost

Natural Daylighting

Dual Use ventilation apollo ventilator on aluminum extrusion plant Daylighting is the process of incorporating natural sunlight into an environment. The raised flaps let copious amounts of daylight enter the building when the unit is open. Additionally, day light enters through the translucent covers on the flaps when they are closed. Furthermore, there is always natural daylighting with an Apollo ventilator.

Natural daylight can be very beneficial. It can improve worker morale, and in turn, increase productivity. This helps improve the mood for everyone involved!


With minimal construction, we can insert these beautiful vents onto almost any building. They are light-weight and low-profile, making installation painless. They are also approximately the same size as many sky lights, making replacement and simple remove and swap process. Of course, we can always provide an estimate on installation with any product sale.

The Apollo Energy Savings

As mentioned before, the addition of a ventilation system using Apollo units will help reduce your electricity bill. By reducing your lighting bill you can save a substantial amount of money. Of course you’re also saving money on replacement light bulbs and the time it takes for maintenance to replace them.

Call Moffitt today to take advantage of bold new dual use ventilation devices like the Apollo!