Data Center Ventilation Testimonial

Interview On Data Center Manufacturing

Production Specialist Neal Rainey explains why Savage IO chose Moffitt Labyrinth ventilators instead of exhaust fans. The resultant hybrid/pressure gravity system® made a huge impact on this plant overnight. Watch this quick video to learn more about data center ventilation from Moffitt.


data center ventilation data storageData Center Ventilation

In this testimonial, Neil Rainey talks about how the Labyrinth vents lowered temperatures in their Rochester, NY production facility.

Because the equipment at this data storage and manufacturing center produces a lot of heat a ventilation solution was required. Fortunately, Neal found the Moffitt website. He discovered how a Pressure Gravity Ventilation System® from Moffitt could make the facility cooler and more comfortable.

In conclusion, The Labyrinth ventilator and wall fans improved the conditions of the facility dramatically.

Finally, thanks to Neil and the whole Savage IO team for their help with this testimonial. Learn more about Savage IO at

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