Textile Plant | Nanjing, China

textile plant
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Moffitt Corporation provided ventilation equipment for the very large textile plant in Nanjing, China. The plant’s large size, thirty-foot-tall roof, and very warm work floor conditions made it a perfect fit for natural ventilation.

Moffitt Corporation licensed the manufacturing and installation of the MoffittVent™ natural ventilators to a regional ventilation company. In conjunction with this team in China, Moffitt ventilation experts provided design assistance to determine the optimal air-movement system.

A total of thirty-five MoffittVent™ units were manufactured and installed throughout the facility. Many of these ventilators were very large, running up to five hundred feet long. Three ventilators also had very wide throats of fifteen feet. Over time, these MoffittVent™ units were proven to be the perfect fit for this facility.

Equipment Summary

  • Twenty (20) MoffittVent™ ventilators 48” x 496’
  • Twelve (12) MoffittVent™ ventilators 48” x 118’
  • One (1) MoffittVent™ ventilator 180” x 496’
  • One (1) MoffittVent™ ventilator 180” x 352’
  • One (1) MoffittVent™ ventilator 180” x 400’