OSB Plant | Guntown, MS

Norbord Mississippi

Hole for Moffitt Labyrinth Installation

This OSB plant in northern Mississippi had a big ventilation problem. The hot, humid air generated by the wood making process was damaging the building’s insulation and structural steel. The building’s ventilation system was not effectively evacuating this dirty air which caused it to build up at the ceiling, and increase the temperatures within the building.

Moffitt determined that natural ventilation would be the most effective way to reduce the humid conditions in the facility. A ventilator would allow for the hot air to evacuate through the roof and prevent it from collecting overhead.

Labyrinth natural ventilators were installed over key areas to allow for the hot air to escape. The new ventilators decreased the temperature by about 40° throughout the building. The reduced heat also solved the humidity problem, meaning the removal of building insulation. The Labyrinth ventilators have made the facility a cooler, more comfortable work space.

Project Summary

  • Five (5) Labyrinth natural ventilators 11’ × 75”