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GreenRoo at paper plant
GreenRoo at paper packaging paper plant

RockTenn of Jacksonville, FL was looking to replace their rooftop exhaust fans with a more effective, more reliable solution. The plant engineer said he was looking for something new because “the motor-driven fans were a maintenance headache.” He added, “they were hard to get at, some had belts and some were direct drive.”

Installing the maintenance free GreenRoo™ units solved this problem overnight. Made of high-quality aluminum, and set in a premium bearing, the GreenRoo™ turbine vents spin with just the slightest breeze. The high quality materials ensure they unit won’t rust or seize even under the worst conditions.

The GreenRoo™ units replaced the roof fans that were previously on the building. At 5 hp each, at a rate of $600/hp/year, the cost of running the fans was about $70,000 a year. This expense disappeared with this improvement. As the motors in the building’s remaining fans out, they replaced them with GreenRoo™ ventilators. To date the plant has cooled about 75,000 ft2 of their building space using by using GreenRoo™ turbine vents.

Project Summary

  • Twenty Three (23) 36” GreenRoo® turbine vents

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