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Roof Top Labyrinth
Coolstream Ductwork
Coolstream Ductwork

Ternium USA of Shreveport, Louisiana was experiencing multiple ventilation issues. The ceiling above the paint line was experiencing excessive condensation and the tower section was collecting fumes.

Moffitt determined that the solution for both issues was the Labyrinth natural ventilator. The Labyrinth improves airflow by exhausting dirty air out through the roof. This eliminates the choke point at the ceiling by providing an escape point for the fumes. It also helps bring the interior temperature closer to the ambient temperature which helps eliminate the condensation.

The vents were supported by the addition of a PressureStream powered fan for supply air. Supply air is the key to maintaining proper airflow and the powered intake fan will ensure the air flows at the proper rate.


After installation the air in the facility was immediately dryer and clearer. Moffitt provided turn-key operation for this project.

Project Summary

  • Four (4) Labyrinth natural ventilators, 10'6" × 30'
  • One (1) PressureStream powered fan