Steel Mill | Jacksonville, FL

Gerdau Ameristeel

Roof Ventilation
Steel Mill Rooftop Ventilation Labyrinth

Gerdau Ameristeel called Moffitt to find a ventilation solution for the coil handling area of the plant. Pleased with the system Moffitt provided for the process area, Gerdau was quick to call on the same team again.

The handling area is directly next to the process area. Newly formed coils travel from the process area to the handling area to cool. When they first reach the cooling area, the coils reach temperatures over 1700° F. As a result, the handling area gets incredibly hot.

The facility had been using cooling fans in an attempt to push the heat off of the coils and away from the workers. However the heat was so intense, and the space was so small, that the hot air would get trapped in side the building. This made the space very hot, and made working a challenge for the crew members.

Moffitt designed a solution that replaced the exhaust fans with three Labyrinth natural ventilators. These vents would allow for a greater volume of air to move more quickly through the facility.


The new ventilation system allows the hot air to escape the work space much more easily. The room can now breathe more easily, resulting in a cooler & more comfortable environment for the plant personnel.

Project Summary

  • Three (3) 10’6” × 30’ Labyrinth natural ventilators