Coal Fired Power | Southeast U.S.

Coal Fired Power Plant


This plant contacted Moffitt to lower the temperature and decrease the heat strain on the plant equipment and personnel in the complex’s four powerhouses. The main condition of the project was that operations could not be disrupted during installation. That made pre-planning imperative for this project.

A new ventilation system was designed using computer modeling software. This allowed the team to gauge the effectiveness of the new system, and ensure sufficient air movement, before work began. The models showed that 27 MoffittVent™ ventilators would be required to move the large volume of hot air.

The MoffittVent™ units, along with Labyrinth vents and new wall louvers for supply air, decreased the temperature in the Powerhouse by more than 30°. This improved worker comfort and allowed for the FGD scrubbers to more effectively clean the exhaust flue gasses. This ultimately contributed to an improvement in overall plant emissions.

Project Summary

  • Seven (7) Labyrinth natural ventilators
  • Twenty Seven (27) MoffittVent ventilators
  • Two hundred thirty four (234) Pneumatic Wall Louvers